Halloweenie Yes or No


Here’s one of my eternal dilemma’s: I love the idea of decorating for Halloween; it’s the first taste of fall, it’s finally acceptable to eat candy all day long, and secretly I’m a bit macabre inside – But! I detest dressing up.  I cannot remember a specific point or year or Halloween that my perspective changed, but I do know that now, I find October 31st to be an extremely anxiety-ridden day.  I literally feel like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde – a person split in two: half of me really wants to dress up and have an amazing costume and the other half wants to stay home, throw on a witch hat (if you’re lucky) and be a candy and sugar enabler to all the kids who come to trick-or-treat.  And I feel especially ostracized in a city like New Orleans where dressing up is not only encouraged, it’s expected!  I feel like I’m letting everyone down.  Alas, here we are again, less than week from that ‘special’ day and I have zero inspiration or ideas on what to be/do/etc, but man, does my house look good.


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