Rosie G

IMG_1365It’s no secret I’m constantly inspired by my ten-year-old niece.  From her absolutely epic style and taste to her never-ending amount of energy, I’m literally always in awe.  At the decade mark when most children are thinking about sleepovers, nail polish, Fineas and Ferb, climbing a tree, soaking up school vacations and exactly how to be just sweet enough to your parents to get just what you want, Grace Rose has different thoughts and goals.  She has already outlived doctors predictions at birth (I explored her birth story and the impact CF has had on our family in my most recent Gambit CUE article), and excelled in school to the point of being one of the most socially adept people I know.  Grace Rose is able to juggle the “inconvenience” of having Cystic Fibrosis without letting the disease define her.  She accepts her daily challenges with grace and an overwhelming sense of confidence that she will one day be able to say that she helped find a cure.

And that, my friends, is what we’re working on now.  There are less than two days left in her Indiegogo campaign to raise money to produce her first collection.  No, I didn’t stutter, she’s also a designer.  As if being an active ten-year-old who enjoys singing, dancing, basketball, soccer, arts and crafts and who also has a genetic disease of which there is no known cure, simply isn’t enough.

Rosie G is a clothing line made for kids by a kid with the intent of finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  We have 60 hours left on the campaign, and although we have a ways to go (and we may not raise all the money), we will make this happen.  Please help back her campaign and/or help spread the word!  Visit here:

I mean, how gorgeous is she?!

I mean, how gorgeous is she?!

Grace Rose & Friends backstage Good Day LA

Grace Rose & the Rosie G krewe at Good Day LA

GR the Queen & her loyal pug, Miles Davis.

GR the Queen & her loyal pug, Miles Davis.

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