elise allen art

Before I came to L.A. to work on the Rosie G campaign, I had a busy week working with two artists who are both amazing and inspiring women.  I met Elise Allen through my friend Ashely and we immediately hit it off.  I genuinely love and appreciate Elise’s craft.  She uses a technique with Venetian plaster that is absolutely beautiful.  Until that point, I’d only seen Venetian plaster used on walls in homes, never on a canvas (Elise’s ‘canvas’ is wood).


I helped style a few different pieces for Elise at her beautiful home in New Orleans.  I find her pieces very approachable from an art collection standpoint.  Bright, abstract, textured works always intrigue me.  Elise is constantly working (check out her collaboration with Pottery Barn) and hosting events.  Look for her works at Manhattan Jack (art show to follow in September).





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