Dog Days

IMG_1214“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

-Russell Baker

I am particularly paralyzed by the heat of New Orleans summers.  Where did the excitement for summer go?  I remember a time when all of my brain power consisted of mapping out exactly how I was going to do a back flip off the diving board at the tennis club.  Now I think about whether or not I’ll get a blister in the sun if I wear those heels and what I can eat that will keep me nourished and not heavy.  I think the key to good summers in New Orleans is to sprinkle the months (especially the one ending in -ust) with short little getaways.  This weekend we’re headed to the beach in Florida for a wedding.  The weekend after I have a feeling we’ll pop up to Shreveport and then I’m off to Los Angeles for two weeks to work on Rosie G.  I’m also staying inspired by continuing to work and collaborate with new and interesting female entrepreneurs.

What’s got you staying cool this summer?

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