IMG_0846I have just a few favorite days of the year: 1. Carnival Day 2. Christmas Day 3. Jazz Fest (the day that JM performs).  I’ll be real – I never loved Jazz Fest until I moved back here and started dating a musician.  To me, it holds such weight because it’s our last real “hoorah” until the heat and disparity of summer humidity settles in.  I now look forward to Jazz Fest and am actually sad when it’s over (can I get a collective “Amen”? Was this year’s funk particularly hard to overcome or was it just me?).  One reason I love the day John Michael performs, besides the proximity to a clean bathroom and nibbles in the trailer, is because I have a definite sense of purpose.  I am able to zip around the stage taking photographs, enjoy a set that sounds larger than life and hug fabulous, supportive friends.

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